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Azure cloud services

Closely Integrated with Microsoft Tools:

Enterprises relying on Microsoft tools like SharePoint, Office 365 and Outlook, investing in a cloud platform which seamlessly integrates with Microsoft products makes sound business sense. Organizations can also make use of virtual machines in Azure that they use on-premises, like Windows and Linux, hence simplifying day to day operations.

Excellent Reputation:

Microsoft is a credible and reliable brand in in the technology marketplace. The company’s technology powers some of the world’s most recognizable and widely used tools such as Skype, Bing and Xbox.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platforms as a Service):

Azure boasts an enticing combination of IaaS (managed) and PaaS (unmanaged) services. IaaS enables companies to outsource their cloud computing infrastructure and pay for only for what they use. PaaS allows companies to create their own Web apps and/or software without having to buy and maintain the underlying infrastructure.

Azure cloud services in Dubai, UAE


Azure is supported by Microsoft’s growing number of global managed data centers; currently, the company has data centers across 19 regions. Furthermore, the company boasts 99.95 percent availability and 24/7 tech support and health monitoring.

Strong BI and Analytics:

Azure provides managed SQL and NoSQL data services and built-in support for digging deeper into data and uncovering key insights for improving business processes and decision making.