5 Best Project Management Tools for Upcoming Businesses

Managing a project can be difficult; any wrong guidance may lead you to more problems.

Project Management is a task of modern companies which should be carried out with high responsibility. The project management tools are quite efficient and reliable in today’s world. Tracking down the data from the system, analysing it and giving opinion about when the things will take place, collecting information or providing it to different stakeholders and most importantly, no frequent updates to get frustrated on are some of the qualities of the project management tools. Let’s have a look over the 5 Best Project Management Tools made to do almost any task.

  • Trello:-

Trello is also known as Workflow. It is used as a framework for envisioning your ideas and approaching to them. As your project moves through various stages or level before getting completed, the Trello keeps a track of every task done.

Trello is one of the most comprehensive, compared to other work tools. It has many features which make it simple to use. For example, if you are working on a project with a new team, you can create a new board and if want to work with the old team, you can invite them to the board with just one click.

  • Quire:-

Quire is the new generation smart tool which helps people doing great things easily by breaking their projects into simple small tasks, adding tags to them and completing them according to the priority. It has a very user friendly interface and provides you with unlimited nested tasks.

Even if you work in a big company and have a huge messy list which is very difficult to complete, quire does it for you in a quite professional and easy way.

  • Smartsheet:-

Smartsheet is software that helps users to manage a project or collaborate with a business. It is a new form of Excel and is great for those people who love to work in spreadsheets. To start with the work, you can import the data from the Excel or spreadsheets and if not, you can use one from the hundreds of templates provided in the Smartsheet. You can monitor your whole team at a single page. Though its interface is not that good but functions are quite appreciable.

  • Asana:- 

It is a tool that helps the company to manage the project by breaking it down into simple and accessible tasks that can be done easily. It can also help you to keep a track on you team and their work, create a deadline and also help you collaborate with different companies across the world.

  • Zoho:-

All the companies who want to increase their CRM; Zoho is the best solution for them. It is very professional and usually not used by starters. Big multinational companies use Zoho to take their Project Management skills to next level.

With Zoho, you can keep all your data at a single place and also have a record of your team’s progress with the help of a user-friendly dashboard.


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