Enterprise Mobile App

Building An Enterprise Mobile App

When the word “enterprise” is combined with “application”, it refers to a software platform which is complex for individual or small scale businesses. Basically, Enterprise applications are software used within the organization deployed on either internet, intranet or corporate networks. Enterprise applications are a set of software which assists a business in solving various enterprise challenges that may arise during its operations.

Since the past few years now, there has been considerable growth in the use of mobile phones and applications in businesses. The advancement in mobile technology has made enterprise apps significantly popular. Apart from offering a seamless experience to the users, these apps help an organization streamline their process and in turn enhancing overall efficiency. The main reasons as to why enterprises build mobile apps are:

  • Generating smarter apps with big data and analytics
  • Increase Productivity
  • Empowering employees

Power Up Processes and Increase Productivity:

When the apps are aligned with business goals, it charts out the path for the business to become competitive and agile to the dynamic scenario or industries. It has become a must-have for any business as it results in increased sales output, reduced operational costs, and less inventory. App analysis is a very crucial aspect of mobile software cycle and continues to offer benefits throughout the life of the relevant app. These apps further facilitate the mobility of the employees as it helps communicating, streamlining processes and the ability to access data when they are away from their desks.

Using Big Data:

Much is being said and written about Big Data in the past few years. Though analyzing Big Data is no easy task but when combined with AI, it has the potential to empower businesses to keep them step ahead of their competitors. It will also help them identify marketing opportunities while addressing any production or distribution shortcomings.

But deploying enterprise apps without any logical thought process or strategic framework in place will cost the organization in terms of business disruptions which will lead to decreased ROI. To keep up the pace with ever-changing and dynamic modern-day business workflows, there is a call for developing a sustainable mobile application development strategy. This helps in the success of the app in the long run and ensure good usability. Also, the applications have to be designed as per the organizational structure.

The advantages of building a mobile app for enterprise mobility are:

  • They offer a great opportunity for keeping the user engaged and become central touch points for the business partners and clients
  • Since businesses are existing in an era of increased mobile usage, apps are more preferred than mobile sites as they offer much greater control to the user
  • Mobile apps can easily consume information via APIs
  • Saves time and costs as it offers easy to vital data
  • Reliable data collection with multiple data touch points on the application
  • Spurts growth within the organization as employee engage on important topics and discuss critical issues to mitigate them





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