Can React replace Angular?

Can React replace Angular

This is a very controversial issue because in fact these tools can be used for absolutely different purposes. Therefore, before we make pre-time conclusions, let’s see what the difference between these frameworks.

The difference

Angular is a structure, React is a view library. They don’t do similar things. Albeit both kept up by Google, Angular 2 is separate undertaking from AngularJS or Angular 1 and every ha distinctive archive and record on GitHub. Precise 2 utilizes TypeScript and renders Client-side while Angular 1 utilizes JavaScript and is server-side. Respond, then again, is kept up by Google’s greatest rival, Facebook. Respond does not have a local engineering, not at all like Angular’s MVC and resorts to one-way information authoritative.

Angular 2 and React are both secluded; i.e. you’ll have to utilize modules with a specific end goal to create different functionalities, for example, steering or overseeing conditions in single-page applications.

React refreshes the DOM quickly on account of its virtual DOM. Furthermore, in an effective endeavor to beat React’s virtual DOM strategy, Google has executed the change identification system in Angular. Along these lines, the execution of both Angular and ReactJS is currently sufficient for any advanced web application.

ReactJS accompanies the additional advantage of having the capacity to keep running toward the back server inside NodeJS. Despite the fact that it’s regularly executed inside the program, it can likewise keep running as a versatile application utilizing React Native. AngularJS 2.0 is somewhat greater, however, ReactJS is less demanding for designers to rapidly learn and utilize.

The popularity

Stack over flaws

While AngularJS was to a great degree well known till 2016, it is losing it ubiquity exponentially while ReactJS is picking up significantly that today they are equivalent on prominence remainder on the off chance that we take a gander at Stack Overflow Trends.

Stack Overflow Trends depend on Stack Overflow’s tag. A tag can speak to a programming dialect, innovation, system, instrument or a library. A tag is famous or not founded on the number of inquiries made on that respect.  Google Trends demonstrate a comparative picture in spite of the fact that AngularJS is as yet the lord with regards to JavaScript structures. ReactJS is getting quick.


On the off chance that you recall GitHub offers star to each extends. Along these lines, we experienced individual page on GitHub and discovered React leads in notoriety here as well. React has 92, 454 stars and 5, 691 view while Angular has just 58, 215 and 4, 368 stars and view separately on GitHub.

Developers’ adoption and acceptance

Out of 20, 000 developers studied, 14, 000 designers while just 4, 700 designers said they utilize and will keep on using, React and Angular individually, later on. 7, 600 engineers said they are uninterested in Angular regardless of monitoring its prominence while none of the designers said they are uninterested in React. In addition, all developers were either intrigued or were utilizing React. Whatever remains of them were either learning or willing to. Not at all like Angular, no one demonstrated their hesitance towards React.

Angular, React are the best players among JavaScript structures for frontend advancement. They would all be able to be utilized for truly any necessity; in any case, every system offers something it is to a great degree great at.

You needn’t bother with React to manufacture a static blog, yet this innovation will influence a dynamic site to work perfectly. Its kin, React Native, even empowers building local versatile applications utilizing JavaScript! Angular will be useful for building applications with a broad structure. This structure will inspire mobile clients with top-notch dynamic web applications and hybrid mobile applications.




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