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How Dubai is heralding the latest Digital Technologies

The cities of the world are complicated constructs where the major part of the productive people live and work. Urbanization is happening all throughout the world with great speed.

The speed of urbanization globally has accelerated over recent decades bearing down on infrastructure, social and economic structures, as well as on the environment.  The packed in nature of the cities is a necessary evil which throws ups obvious challenges. These are mobility, geographical expansion the scarcity or availability of resources itself and various kinds of economic activities that planning along with inter connectivity, urban planning along with how clean the environment. Dubai is such a city with IoT service providers and software development companies vying for the top slot to provide all kinds of digital services in the region. Here are a few highlights of Dubai’s fast paced Digital growth on the global playing field:

Accelerated growth:-

Dubai is a region is population that has increased steadily at almost exponential rates as compared to the rest of the world during the latter part of the 20th century.

This brings about many challenges that include adequate housing, education for all, healthcare, literacy, jobs and overall infrastructure of the same along with fresh water. App developers in Dubai are growing exponentially with each passing day and this trend has showed no signs of slowing down.

Tech revolution:- 

The complete technological transformation of Dubai was kicked off in 1999 when the Information and Communication technology was introduced along with the successful launch of the Dubai Internet City, Dubai e-government and an accompanying smart government along with a Smart Dubai initiative.

The past 2 decades have seen various digital transformation initiatives being raised in Dubai which have increased public acceptance of digitization along with the adoption of Information and Communication Technology in all aspects of everyday life.

Today, Dubai is a bustling city of around 2.5 million citizens along with being one of the seven Emirates in the UAE along with the highest levels of technology adoption in both private and public sectors.

Happiness to Smart happiness:-

There is an economic cost attached to the happiness which has to be achieved. And this will facilitate a need for a strategy where the emirate government can accomplish the desired levels of happiness, while simultaneously obtaining financial savings to a great extent.

Digital innovation can generate efficiencies for people instead of bringing about extra costs. The next area of impact that was analysed was the overall city environment which includes infrastructure and resources.

Smart and enduring:-

With the world’s networking capability growing beyond anyone’s predictions, there is ample opportunity to harness this kind of global networking to tie in people and organizations on every level. What this will bring is easy access to city services. Internet connectivity is expected to reach great speeds in the coming few years.

In conjunction with the net speed, Dubai government aims to enhance the trust its citizens place in cyberspace and with the transactions carried out online. This means various internet and networking security measures have to be taken to protect private and confidential information on the internet.

Digital Awareness and Literacy:-

As already was mentioned above, Dubai is a highly connected and digitally aware society. Its residents are known to actively make use of social media and a host of online services in their daily lives.

The city of Dubai aims to provide over 90% of its residents everyday needs via digital platforms in order to simplify their lives. The services are an all-encompassing set including community, entertainment, housing, education, healthcare and other related fields.

Autonomous transportation:-

Dubai is shooting to be one of the first one of the first cities in the Middle East and hopefully, the world to cash in on the latest tech when it comes to transportation of all kinds. On the drawing boards is autonomous car technology and other such alternative technologies to make sure residents get to where they want to, faster and safer and in a more comfortable way. Currently Dubai is aiming at fulfilling 12% of city transport through autonomous and driver-less systems.

More Autonomous Mobility:-

This includes transportation of all kinds that range from smart traffic lights and smart tolls to smart parking structures and buildings.

Time being the most precious resource of all, as it always has been, will be the prime focus of such emerging technologies. As such new-age and cutting edge science aims to simplify travel as the people know it in Dubai. Reduction of traffic, Digitisation of city services and prevention of unnecessary trips will relieve the stress on the bustling city of Dubai. This will in turn lead to great cost savings in terms of maintenance and provisioning of infrastructure.


The Future of Dubai is Digital. That’s what this article boils down to! Right from accessing movie tickets for weekend shows to using Digital systems to vote for a government representative remotely- everything is going Digital. This means lesser time spent on redundant physical visits and actual filling out of forms to more time spent on building virtual infrastructure and promoting its accelerated use.


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