Password Managers

How Safe Are Password Managers?

Password managers are here to take the load of remembering the passwords every time you log into an account in a website. So when you use a password manager and need to log into a website for the first time, this how it helps. What happens here is, instead of typing your password into the website, type the master password into the password manager which then automatically fills the appropriate login information into the website. Your details like username, password, etc, all get automatically filled in for you. So when you are creating a new password for an online account, the password manager will prompt to generate a secure random password for you. A dedicated password manager will be beneficial as it will store all your passwords in an encrypted form, generate secure passwords with a powerful interface which can access all your passwords across all different devices or smartphones.

Are Password Managers safe?
Password managers, when work at easing your trouble, also have certain vulnerabilities. These would allow potentially malicious software on a Windows machine to steal passwords stored by the applications. So, are password managers really secure or are the fraught with risks. Let’s take a look:

In reality, to gain access to the device’s memory, a hacker would have to either be sitting in front of your computer or trick you into installing a malware that has control over the computer – a scenario which is unlikely to happen. Hackers tend to try and hack into systems belonging to large organizations so that they can acquire a mass of data or target individuals with weak passwords or low online security strength. What could be the first line of defence against any threat- investing in a good antivirus package.

So, should one stop using a password manager?. Absolutely no, they are important and keep the accounts safe online. It not only helps us keep track of the multiple passwords and avoid bad practices like setting common or weak passwords. Furthermore, how should one ensure the safety of all the online transactions and boost security over the internet? Here are some steps:

  • Be careful about installing software from that comes from third parties other than Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc.
  • Do not install any web-browser extensions and say no to pop-ups, most often these are not what they seem
  • Keep all the software up to date as it contains security upgraded security patches
  • Install antivirus software to keep computer safe from virus and threats

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