Artificial intelligence

Impact of Artificial Intelligence On E-commerce Industry

Artificial intelligence is set to change the entire E-commerce industry, which will have enormous implications in the way consumers shop and retailers sell their products. AI is helping businesses to move beyond customer segmentation and helping them achieve a lot more. AI has embedded itself in every aspect of our lives- from store checkout counters to kiosk check-in system at airports, it is everywhere and growing.

Voice Assistant: Though still in the nascent stage, this technology is sure to enhance the shopping experience for the customers by offering them a personal touch while shopping. Through Voice Assistant, shoppers can have a real-time conversation with a virtual “shopping assistant” on the E-commerce platform.

Recommendation Engines: This works on what product(s) searches have been made by a potential customer. The AI algorithms in search engines capture critical details on the searches made by a customer and it throws up the recommendations that may interest them. Also, for a later time, these product recommendations are listed on the buyer’s personal dashboard to help them find the product easily.

Chatbots: This has moved from being able to offer customary replies to be able to help customers with their queries, requests and much more. Several online shopping portals have chatbots to help customers make the buying decision.

Warehouse Automation: Warehousing operations play an important role in deciding the trend of sales for a company. The AI applications have moulded the speed and efficiency of its operations which has further helped businesses to manage and improve their delivery schedule. With timely delivery comes happy satisfied customer followed by building better customer relations, boosting sales and many other perks.

Sales Prediction: With AI algorithms, companies can now learn and understand customers buying behaviour, patterns with deep learning, statistical programming and predictive analysis of the massive data collection. This helps organizations to know about inventories available at warehouses and ensure the availability of stock when the demand is high. And also synchronise the production according to the demand of the customers.

AI is bringing in loads of personal touch and improved understanding of customers in E-commerce which is poised to change everything, for good, we know about this industry.



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