Inside Out: Project Management Tools

There is a plethora of innovation happening in project management. One gets to see new processes, new thinking emerging in this field of science every other day. And, rightly so, it deserves to be incorporated in the system to make it better. When we are talking about software project management, it is a complex task in itself; a planning, controlling and checking, managing juggernaut fighting it out with time, scope, quality and management.

Most of the thinking today is going into developing newer software development life cycles.

There are multiple softwares in the market that are there to assist the project managers. They are popular and trending and much reviewed for their pros and cons. Hence, deciding on the project management software itself is a task in itself. The list of features, right from the elementary ones such as task management, to progress tracking etc., are mind-boggling.

In this article, we will present you a quick guide as to how to go about picking your project management tool.

Risk Planning:-

Risk is an inherent part of any project – be it software or any other. A project manager has to jot down all the different possibilities of an interruption or a hampering (from the very obvious to beyond the obvious) to the project. External factors, just like rain and thundershowers, are beyond any human control. At best, one may prepare for it. Thus, risk planning must factor in the cost of all possible loss that may afflict the project. It could be any issue out of the blue that could affect the delivery or the duration, the progress or the participation of colleagues. It is how well the project manager prepares for his project risks that determines the scope of the project’s success. Hence, the risk management feature is an essential part of your project management solution and you must, as a project manager, go in for a solution that covers this aspect to your satisfaction.

People & Resource Management:-

A lot of time is wasted simply tracking the performance of different members of the team. The project manager, thus, needs a solution that takes care of not just assigning the task but also tracking the progress of completion of tasks. A tool that takes control of this people management function is the one you should prefer.

Handling Inter related elements:-

What makes a project complex is the element of inter dependency. Quite often, one task is dependent on the other for its completion. It is like one task leading to another and thus the latter being dependent on the former.

Team Work:-

A project’s performance depends not only on the performance of every individual team player but also their coordination and communication within themselves as a team. Superior and sophisticated features such as file sharing, group chats, tracking of progress etc. can make a difference in the overall efficiency of the team.

As a project manager, if you are managing a largely scattered team across geographies, then a project management tool that takes care of the collaborative aspect of the team, will suit you immensely.


Having a baseline feature in your project management tool can ease much of your stress as you get regular update about the real-time progress of project. This can particularly help in decision making at the right time.

Project management tools are designed to ease managerial stress. Choosing the right tool can make for seamless coordination right across the team, as well as continuous monitoring by project manager.

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