IOS or Android- Which Is Better For Developing Enterprise Apps

With the influx of smartphones and faster network connectivity, enterprises are investing in developing mobile applications in an attempt to reach out to the masses and expand their business. With Apple currently constituting a major share of the world smartphone market, iOS has been the most preferred platform in enterprise app development venture. iOS has been the forefront when it comes to robustness and security. And of course, the continued popularity, brand image and dependability of Apple’s lineup of smartphones and devices have made it even more of a preferred choice with many enterprises for ensuring high productivity. But then are stronger competition in the market which are competing directly with iOS. Android, the Google-owned OS have also fared well in the market due to its ability to swiftly integrate with Google’s extensive services, support and flexibility.

So which will dominate the enterprise app design arena? iOS or Android? Let’s find out:


The first and foremost thing to be looking for is, without any doubt, security. The safety of transactions of any nature over the Enterprise app is of prime importance to any business. It safeguards the sensitive data, ensure information privacy and helps in maintaining the reputation of their business. A breach in security would prove fatal for a company, for example, a bank or any financial institution need to have impeccable security features in place to ensure the safety of the data and transactions. Both iOS and Android do possess some form of threats and vulnerabilities, despite recent upgrades and improvements. As per a report, iOS still has fewer threats as compared to Android. Moreover, in 2018, the amount of threats in iOS has gone down considerably.

Threat Levels in iOS and Android:

iOS offers some level of protection because it is a closed source so the apps built on this platform have clearly defined security measures and features for an enterprise. But, being a closed source, it does not support third-party applications. Whereas Android is open-source, it also can be integrated with third-party tools and can be a bit risky at times.

Software Security:

Both the platforms take the issue of security as a priority and roll out frequents updates and security patches to protect the software from threat or malware. This is further up the process of securing the device and the privacy of the user. Hence, it is imperative for the user or the business to ensure that all such updates are downloaded and installed on a timely basis and not to ignore them.

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