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The accelerated use of Information and communication technology has bumped up the nation of UAE from 40th to the 34th ranking in terms of ICT usage. This information is courtesy of the Waseda University Institute of e-Government. The move to boost the usage of Digital technology is aimed at enhancing the overall quality of services that are provided by the digital government.

The Waseda University is based out of Tokyo and conducted the study in conjunction with 10 other globally renowned Universities under International Academy of CIO (IAC) in the domain.

According to this survey, which made use of ten core indicators and 35 sub-indicators over a period of a year, UAE comes 7th in e-participation and 9th in digital government promotion in 2017.

Singapore leads the pack being in pole position, followed closely by Denmark in 2nd place and the US in 3rd. Japan, Estonia, Canada, New Zealand are in 4th, 5th 6th and 7th respectively.

Government Speak

The President of the International Academy of CIO and also the director of Institute of Digital Government, Professor Toshio says that he believes in the paramount importance held by e-participation and enablement of customers participating in the actual decision making process.

He says the government portal supports the customers and citizens to take part in the actual decision making process that happens in the government. There is a dedicated section in the portal called the “Contact Government” section that offers a wide range of essential tools which includes web 2.0 tools and also direct online communication with the customer.  

He also went on to say that the Government of UAE had launched its brand new federal portal which has been designed with the aim of providing several e-participation channels. These channels include modern and advanced practices like Open Data. This will be a unified gateway which is better in terms of the access it provides to several online services that are offered by the Government of UAE. Enterprise systems have been the prime focus of such technologies.

Bahrain is not far behind, ranking 2nd in the list of Arab Countries in the same respect and ranking in at a decent 41st on a global scale. This has been closely followed by Oman coming in 3rd on the list of Arab countries and 43rd on the global list of countries that have embraced digital technology. Saudi Arabia is 4th in the Arab world and 46th globally.

Several government organizations in the domain of e-participation have seen their efforts succeed in drawing in attention of their citizens. There has also been a trend of disseminating the smart transformation culture along with the promotion of related digital services throughout the UAE.  This was what the Director General of TRA UAE, named Hamad Obaid Al Mansouri has told Gulf News. He also went on to say that this is a great sign of government organizations willing to work dedicatedly to a digital future, enhancing service quality across various strata of society. ERP applications have been known to accelerate speed of networking across various organizations.

Another government representative of the UAE was stated saying that the nation of UAE is looking to brand and project itself as a smart government leader in the geographical region.  And that UAE will be able to coax users into using the latest apps and aiding the build of an m-government to aid citizens in having a superior channel to apply for nationwide services.

It is also said by the nation of UAE (its representative) that the future belongs to those who embrace the concept and use inter connectivity amongst governments, along with the government to the citizens. This being said, UAE is leading the race to digitalization by investing massively on the adoption an implementation of ICT in its private and public sectors. ERP software companies are playing a large part in the improvement of the online scenario in this region of the world.


UAE as a whole and Dubai on its own is currently undergoing a technological renaissance of sorts which leverages the immense power of the internet and everything associated with it. Considering the rate at which this nation is seen to be sprinting towards a digitized future, it won’t come as a surprise when it beats out all its competition to emerge as the winner in the race to digitize everything which functions in the country.


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