Things to remember about building a SaaS Application

UAE has always been a country which held open arms to new tech and software trends. Now the software industry is taking a turn towards pro

Web, Native or Hybrid: what’s best for your business

As of 2017, official reports claim that mobile phone usage in UAE is at 228.3 mobiles per 100 people. More than 92% of the total population has access to the internet. This is why companies have shifted their focus to

Customer Satisfaction and IoT in Retail Industry

 The customer has become the main character in every e-Commerce and physical storefront, today they not only work on increasing the sales and revenue for their store but also in enhancing the customer satisfaction in

IoT Evolution in the IT Landscape: Smart City Vision and Mission UAE

IoT (Internet of Things) while making life easier is visibly transforming the technological future of the world by creating a smart and seamless network of devices built to assist and improve human lives. IoT forms the

5 Best Project Management Tools for Upcoming Businesses

Managing a project can be difficult; any wrong guidance may lead you to more problems.

Project Management is a task of modern companies which should be carried out with high re

Inside Out: Project Management Tools

There is a plethora of innovation happening in project management. One gets to see new processes, new thinking emerging in this field of science every other day. And, rightly so, it deserves to be incorporated in the s

9 hats that all Entrepreneurs need to wear to be successful

In an entrepreneur’s life there are several hats to be worn from time to time. An enterprise is just as good as its entrepreneur. Knowing everything about his/her business is part of an entrepreneur’s job, and salvag

Just be confident about these five enterprising ways to win at project management

All projects need a proper management system to make it successful. It is more like teamwork where every individual shares equal amount of dedication and knowledge.

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