This new AI can make your low resolution photos great again

As you know that the camera technology which is most progressive and highly developed technologies where many of the people are engaged with photography and visual arts, camera, and smartphone. Due to which manufacture

What you need to know about Azure Stack

Azure stack was introduced to the market in the year 2015, and it was a great and wise move after launching Azure. Typically, Azure stack is an extension of Azure, and it has gained a lot of popularity since its incept

Choosing the right Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) approach

Application Integration which is also sometimes referred as the Enterprise Application Integration abbreviated as EAI is a process of bringing data or any specific function from one application program together with th

How devops tools accelerate software delivery

An essential and necessary strategy in modern app development sector, DevOps has been adopted by as much as a quarter of organ

New Trends in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The artificial intelligence (AI) industry has been on a surge for many years now and is increasingly occupying more and more of our daily life functions. AI has infiltrated itself into several industries including heal

Top Tech Trends of 2017: The ‘AI of Everything’

In the forthcoming years, AI will cross the barrier between the science fiction world and the real world and will make its way in almost every industry all across the globe. At the heart of all technological discussion

Intelligent Automation – The Next Game Changer for Derivatives Processing

Now, automation is important in the field of software application development and software systems testing/management drastically. In fact, Technology Automation is not so far away from the industrial automation system

Best Quality Assurance Practices for Software Development

What is Quality Assurance (QA)?

Quality assurance is a “planned and systematic” means for assuring management by which defined standards, practices, procedures, and methods of the process are applied.

Should you Outsource or hire your In-house team on custom app development?!

With more than 9 million internet users, UAE has more than 90% of its population using the internet. This is good news for companies and organizations alike as they can easily connect with their users online. With smar