The Future of Mobile Payment Technology

Smart devices and e-commerce are not just changing the way we shop but also the way we pay for goods and services. The technology, as we know it, is rapidly changing and so is the expectations of the customers. With the rise in the use of smartphones and the evolving technology, customers expect ease for the services

VR/AR Trends for 2019

Along with AI and automation, AR/VR is touted to take off soon changing the way we live and work. Within a few years, these two technologies are going to be more sophisticated as devices become more smart and powerful. VR is all about offering people a completely digital and computerized experience which can almost b

Testing of Ionic Applications

Testing, similar to documentation, leaves most developers with one of two reactions: they either cherish it or they abhor it. Regardless of whether you’re an obstinate promoter for putting your code through unit testing, persistent incorporation tests and ease of use testing (to give some examples more elevated amoun

How Agile methodology really works?

The concept of agile developing comes from the Agile Manifesto, a document created by 14 software industry leaders, which laid out their thoughts on the dos and don’ts of software development. ‘Agile development’ is an umbrella term that refers to a range of agile methods and processes that align with this Mani

Tools of Business Intelligence and their uses

Business intelligence tools are at present being utilized for vital corporate objectives, which incorporate KPI estimation, savvy sending of assets, business wellbeing arranging and age of bits of knowledge to rapidly settle on vital choices, among numerous others. What’s great about such arrangements is that they en

Adobe Air to develop Adobe Mobile App Development

Adobe Air is a cross-platform web improvement framework helping developers make mobile applications for different mobile stages utilizing advancement dialects like JavaScript, Adobe Flash Professional, Flex, ActionScript and Adob

How Kendo UI works for Hybrid and native mobile app development

The Kendo UI hybrid system is intended to enable developers to assemble mobile application encounters through utilizing HTML and JavaScript that consequently adjust to the local look and feel of distinct mobile stages. Developers utilizing Kendo UI half and half segments can center around the substance and elements o

Things to remember about building a SaaS Application

UAE has always been a country which held open arms to new tech and software trends. Now the software industry is taking a turn towards providing their software as a subscription. Without delay, the software giants who provide their servic

Customer Satisfaction and IoT in Retail Industry

 The customer has become the main character in every e-Commerce and physical storefront, today they not only work on increasing the sales and revenue for their store but also in enhancing the customer satisfaction in the process. Everyday websites and storefronts come up with new devices, technologies and offer to a

IoT Evolution in the IT Landscape: Smart City Vision and Mission UAE

IoT (Internet of Things) while making life easier is visibly transforming the technological future of the world by creating a smart and seamless network of devices built to assist and improve human lives. IoT forms the crux of devices and common everyday items by connecting them to the web to form complete systems of