VR and AR Trends

VR/AR Trends for 2019

Along with AI and automation, AR/VR is touted to take off soon changing the way we live and work. Within a few years, these two technologies are going to be more sophisticated as devices become more smart and powerful. VR is all about offering people a completely digital and computerized experience which can almost be surreal. While AR is a technology about building computer graphics images which can be viewed in a normal environment. These have been widely used in entertainment and retail sectors wherein the users or buyers can experience the look and feel of a product which they intend to buy. Shopping for every need and checking it virtually, without stepping out of one’s house! Sounds magical, doesn’t it? But it’s more of a reality now. And, let’s look at some of the key trends we may witness in the years to come:

AI Enhanced VR/AR:

Developers of these technologies will be seen working on adding cognitive and smart functionalities into their apps. The features of AI technology and other applications with the functionality of AR will become more sophisticated with the inclusion of machine learning algorithms. When trying to create a virtual environment and putting people in there, is touted to become smarter by adaptation of AI when developing VR apps and devices.

In Teaching and Training:

Here it is, the future of learning made possible by VR/AR. Imagine the opportunities these open up for students who can explore or be a part of a learning process with help of a smart classroom which takes them everywhere and helps them experience new things every day. It now is easy to share information in real time with the students about education, best practices, and safety.

The Emergence of Smart Vehicles:

Though the technology is still being perfected, smart cars running on the streets may soon be a reality. And automobile manufacturers have technologies that are sure to leave us spellbound with its capabilities and smartness. The most significant features of these smart cars will be the voice assistant. This would help the drivers navigate their way and also warn them of any hazards or traffic congestion ahead, etc. By providing real-time data and feedback to the driver would help in saving fuel, time and ensure comfort during the journey.

From playing a very crucial and influential role in various sectors to changing the way we live, all these will form a major part of technological advancements which we can anticipate in the upcoming years. Virtual Reality and Augmented reality is going to evolve and make life much easier, simpler and the world a better place.





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