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The Internet Of Things Requires a Mindset Shift - As your enterprise needs to create and capture value, differently!

Traditional Product Mindset - Internet of Things Mindset

Value Creation - Customer Needs - Solve for existing needs and lifestyle in a reactive manner. - Address real-time and emergent needs in a predictive manner Offering - Stand alone product that becomes obsolete over time - Product refreshes through over-the-air updates and has synergy value Role of Data - Single point data is used for future product requirements - Information convergence creates the experience for current products and enables services

Value Capture - Path to Profit - Sell the product or device - Enable recurring revenue Control Points - Potentially includes commodity advantages, IP ownership and branding - Adds personalization and context, network effects between products Capability Development - Leverage core competencies, existing resources and processes - Understand how other ecosystem partners earn revenue

Source: Harvard Business Review

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next generation network connecting physical objects through the Internet. It’s essentially a ‘Connected To Everything Solution’ for your enterprise. These objects contain embedded technology to interact with internal states or the external environment. In an IoT environment daily use objects sense and communicate, altering and enhancing the decision making process, for the people who make them.

Interaction among physical things and virtual technology platforms in consumer applications of Pace Wisdom already observes steady adoption of IoT varying from connected cars, smart thermostats to pet trackers and even wearables. With the deployment of IoT solutions in Dubai we are determined to make a great impact on lives and lifestyles! On an enterprise level, IoT technology successfully links various functional areas such as manufacturing, energy grids, healthcare and supply chain systems, to the Internet. Daily use objects or entire units of an enterprise are digitally, can be controlled from anywhere with devices located remotely.

Enterprise IoT solutions in Dubai, UAE

Pace Wisdom helps to integrate IoT solutions to add business value eventually allowing companies to become IoT superstars and become an Enterprise of Interconnectivity. An agile connectivity that suggests increased flow of data, gathered from many sources, the analysis of which, helps increase business efficiency, improve safety and security, drive innovation in product development, optimize asset utilization, enhance the customer experience, and streamline the supply chain. Companies across the globe have started to explore and invest in IoT-centric innovation to reap the enterprise level benefits.

Pace Wisdom helps your enterprise to:

Identify opportunities to enable them with emerging IoT technologies

Provide proof of concept testing to validate solutions with stakeholders.

Architect, develop and deploy IoT solutions to deliver real-world benefits.