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Android application development company in Dubai, UAE

We would like to start with the staggering number of people, around 5 billion and steadily rising, who are connected to a mobile device worldwide. This sets the precedence for your enterprise to deploy Pace Wisdom’s cutting edge Android mobile applications to enable your enterprise to transform the business landscape. Android mobile application technology has morphed into a valuable resource that is both flexible and scalable, due to the increased penetration of Android smartphones and advancements in wireless networking. Most importantly, your enterprise has access to the varied benefits of Android enterprise application solutions and at Pace Wisdom we are constantly formulating policies and use cases for clients to assist them in deploying their Enterprise Mobility solutions.

Low Investment

Android is an open source platform and the software development kit (SDK) is available to developers at no extra cost. Being a JavaScript based platform, our Android developers in Dubai have mastered and have expertly executed applications for multiple business verticals. Three stages of Android app development at Pace Wisdom:

  • Application development
  • App testing
  • Deployment to Android App Store

The market share of Android devices becomes an important factor for the success of your Android application. Enterprises are adopting the bring your own device (BYOD) policy as it is feasible to opt for Android as the enterprise app development platform since Android is available on more variety of devices to users across a range of demographics

Android App development in Dubai, UAE

Easy customization

Android offers versatility with convenient customization options, and enables developers at Pace Wisdom to create applications with diverse functionalities, suited to your enterprise and business needs. Whether it is functional customization or web application integration, the Android platform provides ample space for integrating customizations into the app environment. We can certainly vouch for the immense flexibility of Android apps to integrate communication tools, data management functions, and multimedia tools with an easy update mechanism.

Security and Distribution

A few years ago, Google rolled out major security fixes for the Android platform, resulting in a highly secure application development platform. This further pushed an address space layout customization making it extremely difficult for malware to locate data structure for executing codes. Additionally, an automated system pushes periodic notification to users to decrypt their devices. For distribution, your Android app can be marketed via various marketing channels and can be easily found in the multiple app marketplaces

Wearable Devices

Wearable devices are gaining traction amongst enterprises for the quick communication that can be pushed via smartwatch notifications. Wearable device technology facilitated by the Android app development platform is now targeted at enterprises and Pace Wisdom is at the forefront of this trend to boost employee productivity and reduce costs by developing Android enabled wearable technology oriented applications.