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Web app development

Web applications provide numerous benefits better return on investment for your business, with the added effect of an engaging and exciting web experience for your customers. Technology architects at Pace Wisdom blend new technological advances enabling web browsers to provide rich media environments for your customers including audio, video and animation, allowing your customers to interact and provide feedback all within the browser or web application environment. In Dubai, we develop web applications with a win-win mentality for your business and your customers, and as a means of going about day to business activities that is in an efficient, economical and profitable manner!

Web app development in Dubai, UAE

Increased Deployment of Web Applications

The emergence of new age technology has resulted in an exodus towards cutting edge web applications. Businesses across the world are using the web as an affordable means of communication and customer service. Whether web applications are sales channels, customer support portals, job portals or any one of a large number of problem solving mechanisms, Pace Wisdom develops web applications to solve these problems, causing an upsurge in enterprise

value among your customers

All the data that is entered in the form of newsletters, application forms needs to be collected, processed in anticipation of its usage for the future. Web applications, in the form of submit fields, enquiry and login forms, shopping carts, and content management systems, are those website widgets that allow this to happen. Pace Wisdom is on the path of creating trailblazing web applications for desktop computers, netbooks, tablets, smartphones and TVs.

Web Apps Services: Icon Based Graphic Representation

The Pace Wisdom Spectrum of Web Applications’

  • Communications
  • Search
  • Content Aggregation
  • Office Tools
  • Multimedia
  • Communities
  • Publishing
  • Entertainment
  • Analysis

Rich Internet Applications: (possible banner representation)

  • We develop rich reporting and analytics interfaces to strengthen enterprise-level strategies.
  • We develop intuitive experiences for consumers on the web to fuel marketing campaigns and appeal to users in new and engaging ways
  • We modernize your existing legacy web application in a cost-effective manner to appeal to new users.

Common Web Application Technologies We Use -


HTML5 makes responsive web page design really simple and enables the development of a responsive website that helps the user have the precise experience across devices.

Modern UI

Modern UI for WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), is a set of controls and styles converting your WPF application into a great looking Modern UI app.


Extensible Application Markup Language, or XAML (a.k. a ‘zammel’), is an XML-based markup language developed by Microsoft and is the language behind the visual presentation of an application developed using Microsoft Blend.

Windows Presentation Foundation

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is Microsoft's development tool for Web applications and rich client applications.


jQuery is a JavaScript-based framework which has allowed developers to deliver animation and user-centric experiences with little footprint on the programming aspect of a website.

Adobe Air

Adobe AIR is a cross-operating-system runtime that lets developers combine HTML, JavaScript, Adobe Flash and Flex technologies,and ActionScript to deploy rich Internet applications ​(RIAs) on a broad range of devices.